Our supper dry, screened G30, Virgin Kiln Dried wood chips with a moisture content around 10% give a lot more heat, which puts more KWh on your RHI meter and money in the bank.


Green wood can be as high as 70% water when first felled. But after the screened G30 wood chips spend a week in our drying Kiln, the water content have come down to around 10%. Which means our very dry wood chips give you more heat, more KWh on the meter and don’t have to come 400 miles from Northern England.


              !!!! When drying wood chips from 60% water to 10% removes around 200 litre of water per cubic metre. But just remember the “Fire Brigade use water to put out fire” !!!!


Kernow Kiln Dried Biomass Ltd only sell wood chips by the cubic metre. But if wood chips are sold by the ton there is no incentive to remove the water, as 1 litre of water is 1KG and in most cases the wood chips are between 25% to 35% water.     

          Contacts,         Larrie  01566 86031 or  mob. 07917 858 100,  

                                    Mark   01566 880063  or  mob. 07855 316 050,

                    Ron 07836 552 642 or Graham 07900 992 291

                                      Email: enquiries@kkdb.uk           

We are fully BSL approved and only supply virgin wood chips, which comes  from our own woodland 5 miles away from our drying kiln at Five Lanes near Launceston.

This gives our wood chips a very low carbon foot print, compared to one of the largest suppliers of wood chips in Cornwall, who operates from Penrith, Cumbria.    

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Current Prices for Kiln Dried  

Wood Chips, Feb 17


   Supper dry, Screened, G30, Virgin Wood Chips £29 per cubic metre in 25

  or 30 cubic metre loads, free delivery in North Cornwall and West Devon.

The picture to the left shows our wood chipper,  wood chip screen, and two perforated floor drying kilns.


Our Farmi Forest wood chipper was specially designed for the biomass wood chip market.

By using a very large diameter 2 blade flywheel, the cord wood is sliced

off in 18mm rings and then broken into chips by teeth on the outside of the flywheel, which also blows the chips up to the screen. When chips are made with a flywheel chips all the chips are cut to the exact length and broken into more precise size, giving more density and more heat per cubic metre of wood chips.   


Most wood chips are made by machines with multi blade drum. This type of chippers make the chips more smashed and not very dense with a lot fines. But can process large quantity of wood per hour when used with a 500hp engine.

After chipping all chips are screened to take out the over size chips, which are than returned to the chipper for reprocessing.


Screened G30 wood chips go though your boiler feed systems more freely and no blockages or breakdowns do to large over size chips.

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