Kiln Dried wood give a lot more heat and eliminates most of the smoke

 and tar going up the chimney  and not having to use  coal to keep fire

 burning. lot of green wood can be as high as 70% water when first felled.

 After spending 2 week in our drying Kiln wood chips and logs are dryer

 than 3 years indoors seasoning and ready to use.       

 The picture to the

 right shows 25

 cubic metres of

 logs being dried

 in one of our

 three perforated

 steel floor kilns.

 Which are heated

 by a biomass

 boilers burning

 waste forestry


          Contacts,         Larrie  01566 86031 or  mob. 07917 858 100,  

                                    Mark   01566 880063  or  mob. 07855 316 050,

                    Ron 07836 552 642 or Graham 07900 992 291


 We are fully BSL approved for those claming the

 RHI incentive on biomass boilers. We can cut logs

 up to 6cm (2ft) long to suit larger boiler.   Please

 ring for more details.

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 Logs  are cut to

 length and split

 by  our very


 Farmi Forest fire

 wood processor.

 Farmi Forest are

 leaders in the

 manufacture of

 forestry and

 wood processing

 machinery from

 Finland were

 forestry is a

 major industry.   

 The picture to

 the right is

 another batch

 of logs being

 dried in one of

 our two 100

 cubic metre

 drying kilns.

Kernow Kiln Dried Biomass Ltd


Current Prices for Kiln Dried Logs

& wood chips, Feb 17


 Free delivery in the Bodmin & Launceston areas.

 Pickup full          £ 80   (approximate 1 cubic metre)

 Haft lorry load    £150  (approximate 2 cubic metre)

 Small lorry load £220  (approximate 3 cubic metre)

 Full lorry load    £280  (approximate 4 cubic metre)


 Or collect from Polglaze Farm, Five Lanes

 Launceston PL15 7RN  by appointment.

 £50 per Dumpy Bag  (approximate 3/4 cubic metre)

 Or £65 per cubic metre.


 Supper dry, Screened G30, Wood Chips £29 per cubic metre in 25 or 40

 cubic metre loads, free delivery in North Cornwall and West Devon.

Kiln Dried Logs.
Kiln Dried Wood Chips.